Developing Ourselves & Democracy

Citizen Redefined

In the Citizen Redefined program, teenagers engage in self-reflection, reckon with moral tensions in American history, make sense of the current state of our democracy, and develop the skills, confidence, and conviction to live as responsible citizens. A culminating Civic Confirmation rite-of-passage ceremony marks their movement into civic adulthood!

Citizen University is training adults to form and facilitate these small groups of young people as they develop their identities as citizens.

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Sworn-Again America Oath

I pledge to be an active American
to show up for others
to govern my self
to help govern my community
I recommit myself to my country’s creed
to cherish liberty as a responsibility

I pledge to serve and to push my county
when right, to be kept right;
when wrong to be set right
Wherever my ancestors and I were born
I claim America
and I pledge to live like a citizen