We design gatherings, rituals, and experiences that revitalize and strengthen civic culture. Our programs equip you to bring these home to your community.

It starts with you

A person sitting and speaking into a microphone.Transforming our nation’s civic culture starts with each of us committing to live like a citizen — and then inspiring those around us to do the same.

That’s why we design our programs for civic catalysts: trusted community members who feel called to spark a renewed sense of democratic spirit and rebuild our country’s civic health. Sound like you?

Our programs start with time for reflecting on your role and responsibility as a citizen, alongside others from across the country. You’ll reckon with the challenges facing your community. You’ll consider how you’ve developed your own belief in democracy and explore what power + character have to do with civic responsibility. Through the experience, you’ll expand your mind, nourish your heart, and quicken your spirit.

Becoming a culture builder

With that renewed foundation, you’ll learn, adapt, and practice ways for creating similar experiences for people at home. Each of our programs offer unique strategies for gathering your community together and sharing experiences that actively build a strong civic culture. And each is designed with a different type of culture-builder in mind!

What you'll bring home

In all of our programs, you’ll find just what you need to continue the work of building a culture of powerful, responsible citizenship at home. We’re here to help you adapt what you experience to the identity, wisdom, history, and spirit of your community.

Fresh ideas.

For concepts like citizenship, civic faith, and responsibility to spread, they need to come from trusted community members. By diving deep into these concepts and making them your own, you’ll be equipped to show others that we all have the power to make change in civic life — and the responsibility to try.

Tools and social technologies.

We’re here to help you create places where your community can reflect on these ideas and ideals together. You’ll learn how to create new rituals and gatherings in your community that will help you build a stronger civic culture with your neighbors.

Connections to last a lifetime.

No one person or organization can build a stronger culture alone. You’ll find many kindred spirits in our programs — from across geography, ideology, and identity. They’re the kind of people who will become true friends and life-long collaborators.

Our secret sauce: spirit.

Imagination, creativity, joy — these concepts are not just nice to have. They are essential elements of a vibrant and sustainable civic culture. This work takes heart — and you’ll find plenty of places to sustain your spirit in our programs.