Our programs are where our “university” approach really comes to life.

Just like an academic institution, we bring people together to learn from one another, sharpen their skills, and find communities of practice. We connect the curious, the passionate, the do-ers.

Our programs are experiential and transformative — and free. Whether you want to increase youth participation in local government or help rebuild trust and connection in your community, we hope you’ll explore and apply.

After participating in one of our programs, you’ll return home to create gatherings, rituals, and learning experiences for your neighbors. Places where people can learn civic skills and put them into practice, build civic faith in relational ways with others and create new ways of collaborating.

Civic Saturday Fellowship

The Civic Saturday Fellowship is a nine-month program that equips you to lead Civic Saturday gatherings in your hometown. Throughout the year, we open up a few new cohorts of Fellows. Applications will be open later this year.

Citizen Redefined

For adults who want to inspire a life of active citizenship in young people, Citizen Redefined is a great fit. This year-long program kicks off in the fall, so we encourage you to sign for our emails to learn when applications open next.

Youth Collaboratory

The Youth Collaboratory is a nine-month experience for high schoolers who want to learn how to build power for good. Applications are currently closed, so check back later in the year.

Civic Collaboratory

We are currently expanding the ways we work with local leaders to bring this mutual aid gathering to communities around the country! If you’re interested in deepening collaboration and trust in your civic landscape, this may be just what you need.