Gather With A Common Purpose

Eric Liu speaking at civic saturday

Civic Saturday is a civic analogue to a
faith gathering.

It’s a space to come together as friends and strangersin joyous times and challenging times—to nurture a sense of shared purpose in our democracy. To reflect on the values and practices of being a contributing member to civic life in the US. To feel something new, something nourishing, something activating.

Why do we follow the arc of a faith gathering? Because democracy works only when enough of us believe democracy works. Civic Saturday is a place to come together to reflect, fortify, and put this belief into practice in community with others.



From November 7 • watch here


How We Gather

Collection of people at civic saturday gatherings

On Saturday mornings throughout the year, we gather together to hear music, poetry, readings, and what we think of as a civic sermon. We connect with each other to discuss how to put these ideas into practice, and share energy, hope, and resolve with our neighbors.

Civic Saturday helps us re-dedicate ourselves to the practice of being powerful, responsible citizens.


Be a Part of the Civic Saturday Community

We hold regular gatherings in Seattle, but for the time being, all upcoming Civic Saturdays will be held virtually, streamed on YouTube Live with an opportunity to connect afterwards in Civic Circles on Zoom!

We also train Civic Saturday Fellows to organize gatherings of their own in all corners of the country. 


Save the date for on Civic Saturday on Nov 7

In moments like these that call for courage, hope, and resolve, we must connect and fortify ourselves in community with others. In that spirit, we invite you to join together for Civic Saturday on November 7.

RSVP on Eventbrite to join us Nov 7 at 11 am PT, 2 pm ET

Watch past gatherings

Since our first gathering in 2016, we here at Citizen University have led dozens of Civic Saturday gatherings—in our hometown of Seattle and across the country with partners. Our Civic Saturday Fellows have also led gatherings in their home communities.

Watch previous gatherings on YouTube >

Explore civic sermons from the past few years >


Lead your own Civic Saturday

Want to bring Civic Saturday to your community? We train people like you through our Civic Saturday Fellowship to lead these gatherings, give civic sermons, and foster renewed civic spirit in your hometown.

Learn more about our Civic Saturday Fellowship >


“I felt lonely in spirit — now I don’t feel that way at all. I feel renewed to have this shared collective spirit with you.”

– Civic Saturday Fellow



Why Gather? Why Bother?

So many of us across the nation feel discouraged, disconnected, and anxious about the state of our country. At Citizen University, we believe that gathering together and committing to live like citizens is a powerful tool to reverse these feelings. When we’re together, we reflect and connect around what it means to be an American. We tap into a spirit of shared purpose and responsibility. And we help one another feel inspired to live like citizens.

Civic rituals like Civic Saturday remind us that we aren’t alone and that we can–and must–take part in shaping the future of our communities and country.

A strong democracy relies on strong citizens. Will you join us in building up our collective strength and recharging for the work ahead? Learn more about our Civic Saturday Fellowship.