Civic Saturday

Eric Liu speaking at civic saturday

Civic Saturday is a civic analogue to a
faith gathering.

On Saturday mornings throughout the year, we gather together to hear music, poetry, readings, and what we call a civic sermon. People across the nation connect to discuss how to live as powerful, responsible citizens—and how to inspire our neighbors to do so as well. Whether online or in person, Civic Saturday a space to join as friends and strangers to nurture a sense of shared purpose in our democracy.

Our team in Seattle hosts a national Civic Saturday every month or two—and there are local Civic Saturdays happening in dozens of states led by catalysts we’ve trained in our Civic Saturday Fellowship.

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Why We Gather

Many of us across the nation feel disconnected, disheartened, or anxious about the state of our country. And at the same time, we feel glimmers of hope for the possibility of a better future. Gathering together, reckoning with others, and committing to live like citizens are powerful ways to build civic muscle.

We sing together, open our hearts with poetry, and discuss civic scripture—all with spirit and joy! We follow the arc of a faith gathering to borrow a time-tested tradition of building fellowship and faith—democracy works only when enough of us believe it works.

Civic rituals like Civic Saturday remind us that we aren’t alone and that we can–and must–take part in shaping the future of our communities and country. Together, we’re working to realize the promise of our democracy: opportunity, freedom, and justice for all.



How You Can Experience Civic Saturday

Join an upcoming Civic Saturday

August 7 at Town Hall Seattle • RSVP here!

A limited number of in-person tickets are available for this gathering. Choose the “in-person” option when registering, otherwise choose “virtual” to stream the event live.

Since 2016, we’ve held regular gatherings in our hometown of Seattle. No matter where you are in the country, we invite you to join us.

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Explore recent gatherings

It’s hard to fully capture the spirit and emotion of a Civic Saturday, but watching past gatherings is the next best thing.

Watch our recent March 27, 2021 Civic Saturday >

Explore a playlist of gatherings from the past year >

At most gatherings, our CEO Eric Liu shares a civic sermon. These sermons weave together historical texts, current events, and reflections on democracy, patriotism, citizenship, and love.

Read Eric’s civic sermons > 


Lead your own Civic Saturday

While we lead our own gatherings, we also equip people across the country with the ideas, tools, and encouragement to lead Civic Saturdays of their own. From banquet halls to street corners, art stores to living rooms, our Civic Saturday Fellows bring their own spirit to hosting gatherings for their neighbors. We are building a nation-wide movement of civic rituals and gatherings! Are you our next Fellow?

Learn about the Civic Saturday Fellowship >