Citizen Redefined is a civic and ethical formation curriculum designed to support educators working at the high-school and early college level. Over the course of the curriculum, participants reckon with moral tensions in American history, make sense of the current state of our democracy, and develop the skills, confidence, and conviction to live as responsible citizens in service of the common good.

We provide educators with an immersive training experience, in which they themselves participate in the Citizen Redefined curriculum with a small learning cohort before integrating learning into their teach practice in meaningful ways. We recruit adult leaders of all kinds — teachers, youth program facilitators, administrators, counselors, coaches – who feel called to bring this program to their communities.

Citizen Redefined is more than professional development. It’s an opportunity to fortify and nourish your full self in community with other educators who are committed to crafting powerful learning experiences with young people in your area.

If you have facilitation skills, a community organizing spirit, and the confidence and commitment to lead experiences that help young people grow into powerful, responsible citizens we hope you will apply! You can learn more about the curriculum and our partnership with ACT here.

Before you get started, here’s a preview of what this form will ask for:

  • Some Basic Info about you
  • Some short answers for our learning and your own reflection
  • OPTIONAL: A piece of civic scripture (a text that helps you to reflect on the American creed, our shared purpose, and how we can live like powerful citizens)

The form won’t save your responses — if you want to prep your answers before you begin, you can view all of the questions here.


We will review your responses thoroughly and shape this experience in response to the hopes and needs you and other cohort members share with us. Thank you.