• You’re More Powerful Than You Think

    A citizen’s guide to making change happen

  • A Chinaman’s Chance: One Family’s Journey and the Chinese American Dream

    What does it mean to be Chinese American in this moment?

  • The Gardens of Democracy

    A new way of understanding citizenship, the economy, and the role of government. Co-authored with Nick Hanauer.

  • The True Patriot

    Why it’s time to redefine patriotism in America. Co-authored with Nick Hanauer.

  • Guiding Lights

    Stories and lessons from life-changing mentors and teachers from all walks.

  • Imagination First

    All innovation begins with imagination. Here’s how to cultivate it. Co-authored with Scott Noppe-Brandon.

  • The Accidental Asian

    Reflections on race in America beyond black and white.