Apply to be a Citizen Redefined Mentor


We are so glad you are interested in becoming a Citizen Redefined mentor! Here at Citizen University, we’re excited to work with you to build a culture of powerful, responsible citizenship across the country.


In the Citizen Redefined program, we train adults to form and facilitate small groups of high school-aged participants as they develop their identities as citizens. Using a twelve-part curriculum, participants engage in self-reflection, reckon with moral tensions in American history, make sense of the current state of our democracy, and develop the skills, confidence, and conviction to live as responsible citizens. A culminating civic confirmation rite-of-passage ceremony marks their movement into civic adulthood!


Important dates

August 20, 2021 — Application Due

September 13, 2021 — Orientation call

October 2021 — Training begins


How to apply

Please review the informational packet closely. Your answers here will help us to curate a group of mentors who can continue to help us shape Citizen Redefined, while also being ready to launch this program in their own community.

Step #1
Review our informational packet to learn all the details around Citizen Redefined.

Step #2
Review the application questions in the packet and prepare your answers. You’ll submit your application through this Google Form—we recommend you’ve prepared your answers to easily copy and paste them into the submission box (the form will not autosave your answers if you need to return later).

Step #3
Finalize all your materials, then visit our form to submit them on or by August 20!